СѺ˹ҽǧԧ Ѻ繴ҺäѺ ͹赡Թ餹蹡ա (ѹй) ÷ҷҧ駪ѡҺ Ҥ29.99 ­Ѻ ԴԹ»ҳ 980 Һҷ йҶԹǻǨ Ҩж١㨼ԴҾظ
Whats with people and umbrella inventions these days with such inventions as the polite umbrella and now this amazingly cool new invention which is ideal for those people dont want to poke people with their umbrellas but dont want to take the trouble of maneuvering their way through a crowded sidewalk either. No its MUCH easier to cut off offending heads (or arms or legs or just about anything actually) with this awesome umbrella with a Samurai sword in its handle. samurai sword handle umbrella Samurai Sword Umbrella Not only is this awesome invention an addition to the Samurai armor underwear and the Ninja Stars USB, but it is a way to keep out of the rain. When youre done slaughtering your enemies (or an annoying little kid, or just that random guy on the road who is staring too hard at you for carrying an umbrella when its not raining), you can shield yourself from blood splatter. Pretty cool eh? Whats more, you can just sling it over your shoulder and walk away when youre bored of all the chopping.* The umbrella itself has a button that you push to open it, and it is 38.75? long and 41? wide when it is open. The sword has a nylon scabbard with a space age plastic handle. Priced at a low $29.99 I dont know why everyone doesnt have one! *Disclaimer: The author of this post in no way supports violence or the killing of fellow pedestrians** **Conditions apply. Via: Officially Cool walyou.com
Via Inventorspot